Fonte Dell PowerVault MD12XX / MD32XX / MD36XX 600W Redundant Power Supply (N441M)

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R$ 7.439,00
R$ 5.530,00
Part Number(s): 0GV5NH / NFCG1 / 0NFCG1 / H600-S0 / HP-S6002E0 / L600E-SO / PS-3601-2D-LF / 6N7YJ / 06N7YJ / N441M / 0N441M / H600E-S0 / 0T307M / T307M 600W Redundant Power Supply Compatibility: PowerVault MD12XX, MD32XX, MD36XX

Genuine Dell Power Supplies provide reliable power for your mission-critical applications. Dell enterprise server components are manufactured to the highest quality standards and subjected to the most rigorous testing procedures that only genuine components will realize. Dell manufactured Power Supplies are no exception.

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