Dell Genuine Precision T5610 685W YP00X Redundant PSU W4DTF K8CDY Fonte

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Input - 100-240V ~ 9.7A, 50-60Hz Output - 685 W Max, with various 12V specifications, 12VA, 12VB, 12VC, 12VD, and 12VE.

NEW Genuine Dell Precision T5610 T5810 685W Redundant Power Supply Compatible Part Numbers: YP00X, W4DTF, K8CDY, CT3V3, WPVG2, KTMT8 Compatible Model Numbers: D685EF-00, H685EF-00, F685EF-01, H685EF-00, F685EF-00, F685EF-01, DPS-685AB A, D685E003L, DEL-D-0685ADU00-201, D685E002L, DEL-D-0685ADU00-101, DEL-D-0685ADU00-301