Controladora 0HM030 ucs-60 GN148 Dell PERC 6/iR SAS/SATA RAID Controller

R$ 3.477,00
Device Type Storage Controller (RAID) - Plug-in CardInterface TypePCI ExpressController Interface TypeSAS RA Compatibility: For Dell PowerEdge R210 R310 R410 R415 ServersFor Dell PowerEdge M600 M605 M610 M805 M905 Blade

The SAS 6/iR Integrated SAS Controller Card from Dell is designed to connect internal physical drives in servers. It supports two internal x4 SAS connectors, each containing four ports for a total bandwidth of 12 Gbps, per connector. This card supports RAID levels 0 (Integrated Striping) and 1 (Integrated Mirror). It has enhanced OMSS (Open Manage Server Administration Storage Management Services) support for select Poweredge (Non-SC) Servers. It provides a maximum speed of 3Gb/s half-duplex for each port and a maximum speed of 6Gb/s for full-duplex.

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