32GB (2X16GB) RAM Memory Compatible with HP/Compaq ProLiant ML350e Gen8 (G8) For Servers Only BY CMS B16

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240PIN DDR3 DIMM ECC REGISTERED PC3-10600 , DDR3-1333MHZ 2 Pieces Kit This Memory is intended for Server Only. Not for Desktop

2pcs 16GB 1333MHz ECC Register Module, You might receive 1066mhz or 1600mhz since all of them work in there. A 64-bit operating system is required to utilize more than 4GB of memory. Maximum Memory: 96GB ECC UDIMMs 384GB ECC RDIMMs 384GB LRDIMMs Expansions: 12 Socket(s) using two processors 6 Socket(s) per processor Compatible with: HP/Compaq ProLiant ML350e Gen8 (G8)