Seagate Savvio 15K.2 146.8 GB 15000RPM SAS 6-Gb/S 16MB Cache 2.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive ST9146852SS

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Brand: Seagate


  • 115 percent improvement in system-level performance over 3.5-inch 15K drives
  • Seagate PowerTrim technology dynamically reduces power up to 70 percent over comparable 3.5-inch 15K drives.
  • IOPS/W are 2.5 times better than comparable 3.5-inch Tier-1 drives
  • 70 percent smaller size than 3.5-inch drives reduces overall system cooling costs.
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Supports 6-Gb/s transfer rates and SAS 2.0 feature set
  • Enables economical, high-performance storage system solutions
  • Delivers on Seagate Unified Storage architecture strategy to converge best-of-breed technologies (SAS, small form factor and SED security*) to enable powerful yet simple external storage and internal server storage solutions that enable business sustainab

Details: Product DescriptionThe seagate savvio 15k.2 drive delivers more transactional performance density than any other drive in the world because it is the highest-performing, greenest drive available for enterprise storage systems. by enabling the use of more than twice the drives per the same rack configuration as 3.5-inch 15k drives, the 2.5-inch savvio 15k.2 drive delivers more than twice the system performance. this is especially important in high-performance and blade servers demanding optimized raid performance per u. building on the savvio lines industry-leading mtbf of 1.6 million hours, the savvio 15k.2 drive provides outstanding second-generation reliability.the savvio 15k.2 drive also offers the advanced sas 2.0 interface and operates at 6-gb/s transfer rates. sas 2.0 provides the next generation of signal and data integrity features, making sas ideally suited for use in high-end network storage applications. the sas 2.0 feature set and 6-gb/s transfer rate support larger topologies by connecting more expanders, host bus adapters and raid controllers within or across more storage arrays; by communicating over longer distances with high signal integrity; and by moving data two times faster, thereby doubling data throughput. the savvio 15k.2 drive with powertrim technology uses 70 percent less power than a 3.5-inch 15k drive for the lowest power profile of any high performance 15k mission-critical, tier-1 drive. it is 70 percent smaller than comparable 3.5-inch drives, which contributes to its lower power profile. this enables more system airflow, which results in lower cooling costs.From the ManufacturerThe 2.5-inch Seagate Savvio 15K drive provides the world's highest performance and reliability while delivering ultra-low power consumption. By enabling the use of more than twice the drives per the same rack configuration as 3.5-inch 15K drives, the Savvio 15K drive delivers more than twice the system performance. This is especially important in high-performance and blade servers demanding optimized RAID performance per U. The Savvio drive family is part of the new Seagate Unified Storage architecture, which converges hard drive interfaces, form factors and security features into a common best-of-breed platform for powerful, yet simple storage solutions that strengthen business efficiencies.Seagate Savvio 15K Hard Drives What the experts are saying... High-performance, high reliability and low power enterprise storage in a small form factor drive.Seagate Savvio 15K 2.5-inch hard drives offer both high transactional performance density and low power consumption. These drives are the perfect green solution for high-end and mainstream enterprise server and external storage environments, including:High-performance enterprise serversDatabase applicationsEmbedded enterprise applicationsPower- and space-constrained data centersExternal storage arrays (storage attached networks (SAN), network attached storage (NAS) and direct attached storage (DAS)Drive life extension and drive retirement simplification strategies Why Choose the Seagate Savvio 15K?Increases system-level performance by 115 percent over 3.5-inch 15K-RPM drivesReduces power consumption by up to 70 percent over comparable 3.5-inch 15K-RPM drives with Seagate PowerTrim technology Improves IOPS/W by 2.5 times over comparable 3.5-inch 15K-RPM drivesFeatures a 70 percent smaller footprint than 3.5 inch drives which allows more drives per system for greater performance density and redundancy Supports 6Gb/s SAS for fast data transfer speedsTCG-compliant, Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) security option (SAS models only) eliminates the need to overwrite or physically destroy drives, enables safe return of drives for warranty or expired lease purposes and allows organizations to securely repurpose or sell hard drives (not available in all countries)1 1 Self-Encrypting models require TCG-compliant host or

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